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When your not able to be there either through work, travel or simply a day out, you can be reassured that your dog is happy and content in our daycare centre. Custom built and designed to provide the best quality care, stimulation, relaxation and supervision for your beloved pooch.  Fully superivsed by professional and experienced staff, K9 Cares treats each and every dog as one of their own family.  

Benefits to your dog


Benefits to your dog:


  • Lots and lots of fuss and cuddles.

  • Exercise to suit your dogs abilities.

  • Improved canine social skills.

  • Improved obedience levels.

  • Enrichment activities to stimulate eager canine brains.

  • Puppy social skills.

  • Fun, Safe and healthy environment for your dog to socialise, play and rest.

Benefits to you


Benefits to you:


  • No more guilty feelings while your away and your dog is home alone unstimulated and sleeping.. or chewing!

  • Your dog will return home well exercised and content.

  • Opening hours between 7:00am - 6:00pm.  Extended hours are available on request.

  • Affordable... its all about the dogs for us!

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