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  • We are open Monday to Friday 7am-6pm and Saturdays 9am – 4pm.


  •  We offer full days and half days (Mon-Fridays) and also an hourly rate on a Saturday.


  •  Your dog will have the opportunity to learn important canine social interactions under experienced guidance of our staff.


  • We offer a ‘hands off’ positive approach to dog daycare which encourages healthy and normal canine interactions and behaviours.


  •  ‘Hands on’ approaches to dogs are only used for individual comforting and praise, or to intercept any negative escalating behaviours.


  •   We have 9 basic rules that all the dogs that attend daycare must observe:

  • No Barking

  • No humping

  • No Stalking

  • No Over excited Play

  • No Bullying

  • No Gate hogging

  • No Guarding 

  • No toy over chewing/eating

  • No Jumping Up


  •  We reserve the right to exclude any dog from daycare that repeatedly breaks the above rules after a period of training and redirection.


  •  Male dogs over 12 months may require castration if their behaviour becomes disruptive in our daycare setting.


  •  Females in season are excluded from Daycare for at least three weeks. 


  •  Your dogs activities and basic welfare needs are documented on a daily basis. You can access this information via your online K9 Cares Portal and it will tell you if your dog has:

  • Wee’d

  • Poo’d

  • Drank water

  • Played with other dogs

  • Played with toys

  • Needed an extra comfort break walk

  • Needed correction for unwanted behaviours


  •  We adopt a ‘naked play’ environment, which basically means your dogs collars and harnesses are removed on entrance to prevent injury during normal play.


  • We encourage periods of rest and relaxation for all our dogs.


  •   All dogs received supervision from our very experienced dog loving staff throughout the day.


  • Cuts, grazes and small injuries can and do happen during normal play between dogs. Our staff are Canine First Aid trained and can provide effective first aid treatment for your dog should they require it.


  •  Our registered emergency vet is Vets4Pets based at Pets@Home.


  •   CCTV is installed for added security and monitoring of your dogs.


  •  We have an onsite Dog Grooming Salon carrying out basic baths to full clips.


  •  Our staff have a variety of Animal/Canine related qualifications from Level 2 Animal Care to Degrees in Animal Behaviour.


  • Our Volunteers and Work experience staff are currently studying an animal related qualification at an Agricultural College


  • We also offer dog behavioural and training consultations.


  • All dogs that attend daycare to complete their annual vaccinations for canine parvovirus, canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis (adenovirus), leptospirosis and kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica /Canine parainfluenza virus) . 


  •  All dogs to receive regular Flea and worm treatments with a vet recommended products only!


  •  We carry out regular flea checks on a dogs in daycare.


  • We are Licensed by Herefordshire Council, complying with and exceeding all the requirements of DEFRA’s recent legislation regarding Dog Daycare.

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K9 Cares Ltd

Unit 2-2a Rockfield Road



01432 275888/07927480259


Licensed by Herefordshire Council: Rated 5 Stars!
License for Animal Boarding Establishment:N-DDC01
  • Advanced Canine First Aid Ofqual Level 3
  • Canine Health & Husbandry Ofqual Level 2
  • IMDT Dog Training
  • Animal Care Level 3

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