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K9 Cares Dog Daycare Terms & Conditions




What we will provide & our rules:


  • Provide Day Care for your dog within K9 Cares Business premises. 


K9 Cares Ltd

Unit 2-2a Rockfield Road

Hereford. HR1 2UA


  • Whilst under our care, every assurance will be made to keep your dog/s safe, secure, content and healthy.


  • Lots of fun play, Stimulation and socialisation in a safe and supervised environment by experienced and qualified staff. Some examples of enrichments activities include: access to dog safe toys (goughnuts), individual one to one training activities, group recall sessions, access to varying levels or beds and swings, snuffle mats, dog interactive toys.. 


  • Constant access to clean, fresh water.


  • Cosy and readily accessible areas for those dogs who want 'quiet time'.


  • We are Fully Licensed under the Animal Boarding regulations by our local Herefordshire Council for Dog Day Care..


  • We are fully insured by Protectivity Insurance to operate Dog Daycare, Dog Walking and Dog Grooming from our Daycare Centre. Insurance to cover key holding is also in place.


  • A fully equipped First Aid kit is always on site, and all staff have undertaken an advanced Canine First Aid Course with Pro Trainings EU and have acquired the required Level 3 OFQAL CPD accreditation certificates as Canine First Aid Providers.


  • Safety is of high importance to us and we have our own Emergency Fire/Evacuation Procedure.


  • Your dog will only be 'off lead' within K9 Cares premises.


  • Experienced and qualified Staff are present 100% of the time in both dog daycare areas so they can be supervised whilst attending K9 Cares Ltd.


  • All dogs must be lead walked into and out of our daycare unit by the owner and must be controlled at all times.


  • Any dogs involved in 'scuffles' will be immediately separated and given 'timeout' to cool off.


  • ​If any dog has any bites, cuts or scratches whilst in the care of K9 Cares, they will be administered basic first aid carried out by a suitably qualified member of staff. If the injury requires vet attention, they will be transported immediately to their own vets or K9 Cares registered emergency veterinary practice dependent on need. 


  • If your dog becomes ill during its stay at K9 Cares Ltd, they will be taken to their registered vet, or K9 Cares Registered Emergency vet (VETS 4 PETS) depending on need. All details of any illness will be documented on K9 Cares bespoke software, which you will have access to. K9 Cares will pay for any such treatments in the event of illness, but you are expected to refund K9 Cares promptly once your dog has been collected.


  • K9 Cares registered Vet has agreed to provide isolation facilities for any dogs under its care. K9 Cares registered vet will also provide cold storage in the unforeseeable and unfortunate event of a dog death whilst resident at either of the K9 Cares Ltd premises.


  • Every effort is made to control aggression and negative interactions between dogs at K9 Cares Ltd, but owners must be aware that on occasion this is unpreventable due to canine behaviour and your dog may on occasion succumb to an injury such as a scratch, bite or cuts, this can happen even during general play!


  • A 2 strike system is in operation for dogs showing aggressive intent towards any other dog or person. If any dog has two incidents of aggression ('Gross Misconduct!'), they will be excluded from K9 Cares for their own and other dogs safety until these behaviours have been addressed by the owner.


  • K9 cares keeps all customer records secure on a GDPR compliant software provider and is stored online through cloud technology. K9 Cares will not share any of your information with anyone. This is unless your dog requires Veterinary attention whilst at K9 Cares, then customer name, address and telephone number will be given to the vet in question. 


  • Regular updates/pictures of your dog on our Facebook, Instagram feed so you can see the sort of things they have been up to during the day


  • Dogs are positively corrected for any unwanted or aggressive behaviours towards any other dogs or staff members. This includes barking, aggressive reactions, bullying, harassment or 'humping', stalking, guarding or over exuberant play tendencies. We use Positive reinforcement techniques (rewarding good behaviour and distracting from bad behaviour), timed 2 minute time outs, simple touch, water spray bottle if needed, associated sound and simple voice commands to distract the dog from the behaviour they are displaying.


  • Incessant barking is not tolerated at K9 Cares and will be carefully managed using simple voice commands and positive corrective instruction. If after a period of settling in and training a dog continues to incessantly bark, they will be excluded from daycare until this behaviour has been corrected by the owner.


  • All Male dogs over 12 months old, MUST be neutered.


  • Any dog with a pre-existing medical condition, including anything musculoskeletal related, will need written veterinary permission to attend daycare.


  • K9 Cares Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry into daycare for any dog at anytime based on potential health and safety concerns for the dog itself, other dogs attending daycare or staff.


Acceptance into Daycare Criteria

As a matter of course, K9 Cares Ltd does not accept the following dogs into daycare relating to specific breeds/age/temperaments/illness or behavioural issues due to the increased health and safety risk to itself/other dogs or staff in daycare:


  • All dogs must be at least 5 months old before they attend daycare.

  • French Bulldogs.

  • Rottweilers.

  • Dobermans.

  • Any Small/Miniature/Tiny Teacup Breeds.

  • Dachshunds, (miniature or standard).

  • Any dog showing separation anxieties.

  • Any dog displaying forms of aggression or bite responses.

  • Any dog that displays excessive barking.

  • Un-Neutured males over 12 months.

  • Any dog displaying extreme resource guarding.

  • Any dog displaying anxieties or nervous behaviours.

  • Any dog with medical conditions that require regular treatment or have a history of injury/arthritis.

  • Any dog with epilepsy.




  • Your dog to be continually fully vaccinated and up to date with their annual boosters for the following:


  • Annual or 3 yearly after first years booster:

  • Canine Distemper

  • Infectious Canine Hepatitis (Canine adenovirus)

  • Canine Parvovirus and other relevant diseases.(very often Nobivac DHPPi)




  • Kennel Cough

  • Leptospirosis (L. canicola and L. icterohaemorrhagiae, Very often known as L4)


  • Evidence of the above must be provided prior to the commencement of any service and updated annually with boosters


  • Ensure your dog/s have been administered recently with Flea and Worm treatments as recommended by your Veterinary Practice. This does not include the over the counter preparations i.e Bob Martins, 4Fleas etc. You must provide details of brand and date of parasitic treatments to K9 Cares and keep this updated regularly.


  • Awareness of when your bitch is due in season. If a bitch is thought to be due to commence a season, they MUST be excluded from attendance at K9 for at least three weeks. If K9 Cares suspects a Bitch is in season, the owner will be notified and the bitch will be separated from other dogs and be transported to their home by ourselves or await collection and the three week exclusion will commence.


  • All males 12 months and over are required to be neutered.


  • Honesty about your dogs personality and training levels, (house trained, chewing, aggression etc). 


  • Owners must supply their own dog food if feeding is required during the day.


We welcome feedback from our customers at all times.


To see all the services we offer and our current rates, please go to our Prices page. The health and welfare of all animals has always been a high priority of ours and always seek to promote the beliefs and standards of the RSPCA, DEFRA and other animal welfare organisations.


All new customers will be required to complete New Dog Registration form online which includes general details about you and your dog/s. This also includes this full list of our terms & conditions and consents to which you must sign and agree to.




  • By reading and signing the New Dog Registration form, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed above.


  • You also give consent for all of the following: 


  • Customers must also agree to pay their monthly fees within 10 days of first issue. Failure to do so will result in additional late payment fees of £5.00 per week unpaid.


  • I agree to pay in full for any service booked in that my dog does not attend for, if I fail to give 24 hours notice of any cancellation.


  • During my absence, K9 Cares Ltd will be caring for my pet(s). In the event of an emergency, I authorise you a veterinarian to administer medical treatment and will be responsible for payment to you the veterinarian upon my return.


  • For medications to be administered to your dog during its attendance at daycare, this will be carried out with your explicit consent and direction only and following the guidance from the administering Veterinarian.


  • I, give K9 Cares Ltd permission to transport my pet(s) to a veterinarian and authorize treatment in the event of an emergency or sickness.


  • If my own veterinarian is not available, I authorise K9 Cares Ltd to transport my pet(s) to a veterinarian of choice and authorise treatment. If emergency care is needed after regular office hours, my pet(s) may be taken to the nearest Veterinarian Emergency Clinic/Hospital.


  • I give permission to approve treatment. I agree to be responsible for all charges upon my return including, but not limited to, vet fees, extra visit fees and transportation fees.


  • I agree to authorise a Veterinarian to euthanize my pet in extreme circumstances, based on a Veterinarians decision for the welfare of my pet, only after all reasonable attempts have been made to reach me or my emergency contact.


  • In the unlikely event of my pet’s death, I would like the pet cremated / kept at vet / other (please give specific instruction personally to K9 Cares Ltd.


  • I agree that K9 Cares Ltd is released from all liability related to transportation to and from veterinarian and treatment for sickness or emergency.


  • ​For your dog to be handled, inspected and groomed during its attendance at K9 Cares Ltd. 


  • ​​Your dog to be freely socialised with other dogs in daycare whilst at K9 Cares Ltd.


  • ​​Your dog to receive a specific range of enrichment practices relevant to your dog, its health, temperament, age and physical condition. You consent to K9 Cares Ltd following their judgement on which elements of enrichment your dog is involved in, whether this be socialising, play and/or grooming.


  • ​​To allow Photos to be taken of your dog whilst attending K9 Cares Ltd and for them to be posted on our social media pages. 


  • ​​Your dog to be separated from other dogs for unwanted behaviours and/or time out for a short period if the need arose.


  • ​​Your dog to wear a muzzle in the event of any aggressive interactions. This would be to protect you dog and others in daycare, whilst the circumstances of any aggressive incidents are investigated.


  • Your dog to be weighed by K9 Cares Ltd staff if concerns are raised about their weight, whether this be over or under the expected weight range.


  • ​​Your dog to be given a short walk off site in cases where your dog has difficulty toileting within a daycare setting. This judgement will be made by K9 Cares Ltd staff. 


  • ​​You or person nominated be able to collect your dog from daycare immediately or at a time specified by K9 Cares Dog Daycare staff whether this be due to Illness, injury, In Season, Parasitic infestation, emergency evacuation, or any other immediate closures.


  • ​​To provide your dog with a named box or disposable bag containing its own food if they are fed during the course of the day. 


  • ​​In the event of injury whilst your dog is in daycare, to provide K9 Cares Ltd Directors with details of your Pet Insurance. 


  • ​​Inform K9 Cares Ltd as soon as possible if your dog has to attend a Veterinarian for any illness, disease or investigations. 


  • ​This release will remain valid for all current and future visits unless a new release is signed.


If you do not agree with any of the above Terms, conditions and/or Consents, please detail this is writing to


K9 Cares Privacy Policy

To read K9 Cares Ltd Privacy Policy, please click the link below. 

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